Twitching Tongues (USA)

Twitching Tonges are the self-proclaimes “massacrists of melody” and have been turning listeners' heads upside down with their blend of hardcore and melody since the release of their debut album “Sleep Therapy”. Prepare for mosh.

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Code Orange Kids (USA)

Code Orange Kids are something else. After signing to the Deathwish Inc. roster and hitting God City Studios with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, “the resulting album is a dive into abyssal depths, lined with chaotic passages of rage, dark ambient abstractions, and the grief-riddled howls of people viewing the world via the amplification of an 18 year old’s emotions.” - ConsequenceOfSound.net

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Risk It! (DE)

Risk It! from Dresden, Germany combine "the best of Terror and Trapped Under Ice into a down-tuned, two-step friendly form of hardcore done by the books." - RockFreaks.com

In other words, this will be a memorable shows by a band that deserves to be called headliner of Northcote Festival 2014.

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Frustration (IRE)

"Frustration's sound is audibly of the newschool, mosh-heavy variety conveyed by groups ranging from Expire to AYS, but with more than a hint of Brutality Will Prevail-style gloom." - TightToTheNail.com

Prepare to get your mosh going.

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Wolf X Down (DE)

Wolf x Down has built quite a name for themselves over the last few years with their rebellious spirit, ACAB messages and radical vegan straight edge lifestyle. Their new record "Stray From The Path" is "the perfect embodiment of hardcore. It’s heavy, it has punk spirit but also metal potential." - LegendsArising.com

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War Charge (UK)

Scottish lads in War Charge know how to play hardcore jams that hit hard. With their straight in your face lyrics and a no-nonsense attitude they delivered a very solid EP called "New World Justice" earlier this year. If you like Trail & Error, Frustration and Breaking Point, you’re definitely in for a treat.

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Forsaken (UK)

Forsaken brings back the metal and trash in hardcore. "Riffs and solos which will get any headbanging enthusiast excited." - The New Beat

Get your horns up and running shoes on to get that circle pit going.

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Cornered (NL)

“Wow. No big adjectives or obscure words here. Just "wow". This shit is impressive. Taking a push from NYHC crossover like Leeway, mixing in some present day like Mind Eraser and Rival Nob and Terror. [...] It has the speed, the fury, the hate, and the energy to remain steadfast amid the chaos.” - EmptyHandsPVD.com

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Redemption Denied (BE)

This Belgian four-piece has been turning heads since late 2011, the reason being their relentless live performance, continuous tour schedule and authentic brand of hardcore. “Redemption Denied are on top of their game with Nothing Remains.” - LegendsArising.com

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HAWSER have grown tremendously since their "Shallow Earth" release earlier in 2013. They’ve taken their dark and heavy tracks and toured Europe relentlessly DIY-style with Light It Up, To The Test and many others. Major plans are ahead, so keep a close eye on them.
Get your horns up and running shoes on to get that circle pit going.

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Bleak Reality (UK)

"Fusing an NYHC tough-guy smackdown with a grim English outlook, Nottingham’s Bleak Reality are, for want of a better phrase, fucking heavy. Think Madball and Biohazard by way of the M1 Northbound, and you’ll have a good idea of the type of baseball-bat-across-the-nose beatings that they deal out." - TightToTheNail.com

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Last Dayz (PL)

Last Dayz are part of the vibrant Polish hardcore scene and are on the infamous Ratel Records label. Their incredibly heavy blend of hardcore make the hairs in your neck stand up and makes us beyond excited to see them live at Northcote.

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GRIM from Belgium bring something new to the table with their blend of dark metallic hardcore. It’s without question that suicide is a big inspiration source for the lads and we’re looking forward to hear their new release.

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Bitter Verses (DE)

Bitter Verses from Germany preserve the hardcore tradition through lyrics with a strong message, heavy breaks, two-steps and melodic lines. With a new split EP out last September, the band is fueled with new energy and ready to hit the stage.

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To The Test (NL)

To The Test have earned their stripes by getting the crowd going with their show early in the afternoon. The band sends you a personal invite to come see them: “So if you like pounding breakdowns and fast and furious riffs come see for yourself and taste a piece of the To The Test’ pie when we come near you”

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Dogchains (DE)

Germany brings forth straight edge outfit Dogchains. Claiming to be “graffiti-hardcore”, the five-piece blends modern hardcore with youth crew influences. FFO: RJ, Mental, Justice, Iron boots and others.

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Intense (DE)

“Straight up heavy hardcore from Duisburg, Germany. Their 7” demo packs in all the best elements of that 90’s metallic guitar and bass tone while keeping its roots firmly planted with that NYHC groove and bounce. Each track is written with elements that will bring even the most reluctant mosher out of retirement.” -Neutral Words Records

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Spinkick (DK)

Spinkick from Fredericia, Denmark have been spreading their aggresive and energetic live shows since 2006. They’re currently working on a new EP which should come out next year. New tracks will be featured in their set at Northcote Festival.

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Dull Eyes (DE)

They’ve only been around for about two years, but Dull Eyes has been turning heads with their "War Anthems" release. Their metallic influences lay somewhere between No Warning and Metallica, but you’ll taste a pinch of Brutality Will Prevail and feel a breeze of Twitching Tongue as well. Dull Eyes are going strong. Keep an eye on them.

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Clear X Path (NL)

Clear X Path is a straight edge band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands expressing their hate for society's mold through a raw, hard type of hardcore. With lots of hard slamming-drums, simple in-your-face riffs and conclusive lyrics, these guys are bound to bring their message upon you loud and clear.

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Dutch hardcore inspired by the likes of Warzone, Cro-Mags and Youth of Today. However, “it’s a unique sounding band; something you rarely find these days.” - LegendsArising.com

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Run Like Hell (NL)

Run Like Hell is a band inspired by Backfire!, No Turning Back, Casey Jones, and many other non-music things (check their Facebook-page for the full list). They’ve put together a solid sound since getting together in 2011 and we’re excited to see them destroy the stage in March.

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Deathtrap (NL)

Deathtrap are a young, metallic infused hardcore band taking influence from all corners of life

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